ISSN: 1300-7777 E-ISSN: 1308-5263
Turk J Hematol: 26 (3)
Volume: 26  Issue: 3 - 2009
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1.Obituary Prof. Ernest Beutler (1928 - 2008)
Nejat Akar
Page 105 (1554 accesses)
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2.Fertility preservation in females with malignant disease-1: causes, clinical needs and indications
Murat Sönmezer, Sinan Özkavukçu
Pages 106 - 113 (2199 accesses)

3.Ciprofloxacin: a novel therapeutic agent for iron overload?
Mitra Elmi, Parvaneh Rahimi-moghaddam, Khosrou Abdi, Mehdi Shafiee-ardestani, Massoud Mahmoudian
Pages 114 - 117 (3577 accesses)

4.Acute myeloid leukemia in Turkish children with Fanconi anemia. One center experience in the period between 1964-1995
Sevgi Gözdaşoğlu, Mehmet Ertem, Zümrüt Uysal, Emel Babacan, Memnune Yüksel, Işık Bökesoy, Asuman Sunguroğlu, Ayten Arcasoy, Ayhan Çavdar
Pages 118 - 122 (2491 accesses)

5.Prevalence and etiological classification of thrombocytopenia among a group of pregnant women in Erbil City, Iraq
Rawand Pouls Shamoon, Nawsherwan Sadiq Muhammed, Muhammed Salih Jaff
Pages 123 - 128 (3118 accesses)

6.Beta globin gene cluster haplotypes of the beta thalassemia mutations observed in Denizli province of Turkey
Anzel Bahadır, Onur Öztürk, Ayfer Atalay, Erol Ömer Atalay
Pages 129 - 137 (4284 accesses)

7.Better differential diagnosis of iron deficiencyanemia from beta-thalassemia trait
Fakher Rahim, Bijan Keikhaei
Pages 138 - 145 (7475 accesses)

8.Primary autoimmune myelofibrosis: a report of three cases and review of the literature
Rakhee Kar, Shyamali Dutta, Seema Tyagi
Pages 146 - 150 (3700 accesses)

9.Granulocytic sarcoma after stem cell transplantation in a child with biphenotypic leukemia
Zühre Kaya, Ülker Koçak, Meryem Albayrak, Türkiz Gürsel, Nalan Akyürek, Suna Özhan Oktar
Pages 151 - 153 (2495 accesses)

10.Hypertrichosis: the possible side effect of cyclosporin in an infant with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis receiving HLH-2004 chemotherapy protocol
Sinem Akgül, Yasemin Işıl Balcı, Şule Ünal, Ayfer Alikaşifoğlu, Aytemiz Gürgey
Pages 154 - 156 (3148 accesses)

11.Severe bone marrow aplasia and Coombs-positive autoimmune hemolytic anemia in microfilariasis - coincidental or causal?
Upendra Mogalluru Srinivas
Page 157 (1894 accesses)
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12.Depletion of innate immunity or bone marrow suppresion by viral infection ?
Şinasi Özsoylu, Şule Ünal
Page 158 (1558 accesses)
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13.Usage of U7 snRNA in gene therapy of hemoglobin S disorder - is it feasible?
Viroj Wiwanitkit
Pages 159 - 160 (2271 accesses)


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